The FCC auxiliary license applications require applicants to state with whom they have coordinated their frequency selection.

In the South-East Wisconsin area, the person to contact is:

David Janzer
SBE SE Wisconsin Frequency Coordinator
(414) 476-4200 (voice)
(414) 476-8417 (fax).
Send E-Mail to David Janzer:

You may also write David at:

Associated Technical Services, Inc.
10100 West Schlinger Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53214

For TV Pickup above 1 GHz contact:

Ron Pellegrini
(414) 963-0578
or Send E-Mail to:

RWPelleg at
(removing spaces and substituting @ for at)

If you are an itinerant planning to use SE Wisconsin RPU/Auxiliary frequencies on a temporary basis, please contact David Janzer ( or
Ron Pellegrini (RWPelleg at for coordination with local users to insure interference-free operations.

For a list of coordinators for other areas, see the national SBE frequency coordinators list